Knowledge engineering: from people to machines and back

My inaugural lecture at King’s from March 2023.

The web of data: how are we doing so far

Keynote at ENDORSE 2023 from March 2023, an update of The Web Conference talk

Are our knowledge graphs trustworthy?

Invited talk at the international workshop on knowledge science, March 2022.

Open government data portals: from publishing to use and impact

Invited talk, Nationale Forschungsdateninfrastruktur, February 2022

What Wikidata teaches us about knowledge engineering

Keynote at Keynote, PFIA, June 2021.

The web of data:
how are we doing so far?

Keynote at The Web Conference 2021, online, April 2021.

High-value datasets: from publication to impact

Invited talk at the National Open Data Conference Ireland, online, Dec 2020.

The story of
Data Stories

Talk at the Data Stories Symposium, online, November 2020.

Qrowd and the city: designing people-centric smart cities

Keynote at ODBASE 2019, OnTheMove Federated Conferences in Rhodes, October 2019.

and the city

Invited talk at the Connected Smart Cities Conference in Brussels, January 2019.

One does not simply crowdsource the Semantic Web: 10 years with people, URIs, graphs and incentives

Keynote at Semantics 2018 in Vienna, Austria from September 2018.

The data we want

Talk at the Data Science Campus of the Office of National Statistics from May 2018.


Additional talks, tutorials, and other presentations are also available on Video lectures

Other resources

  • The MediaFutures YouTube channel, including talks by the team, entrepreneurs and artists about AI and misinformation.
  • A video summary of the Data Springboard project with Westminster City Council where we are looking at data sharing and governance in the public sector.
  • The online conference I co-chaired with Lora Aroyo in 2020 on human computation and crowdsourcing, produced by Underline (you need an account to access all resources, but it’s free).
  • The video we produced at the end of the Data Stories project about our work in human data interaction.
  • A short video about responsible research and innovation produced by the European Commission, featuring the ACTION H2020 project which I lead.
  • A short video of me in lockdown explaining H2020 ACTION and the role of my team in the programme.
  • A webinar about human factors in big data and the Qrowd project in the BDVe webinar series from November 2018.
  • A video promoting data science at Southampton.
  • Our Data Pitch channel, including webinars and short videos introducing the accelerator.
  • Our open data session at the European Data Forum EDF 2016 in Eindhoven in June 2016.
  • A short video we did for CHI 2015 about some of our earlier citizen science work.
  • Tutorials on knowledge engineering I gave at the ESWC summer school in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.
  • A tutorial on social semantic web and crowdsourcing from ESWC2014.
  • A talk I gave in 2014 at the LIBER 2014 conference.