Teaching was the reason that drove me to academia after getting my degree in computer science. Over the years I had the chance to be part of many interesting education and training projects on topics like open data, data science, web science or artificial intelligence.

I’ve been chairing summer schools on three continents for more than a decade and explored the opportunities created by online and web technologies to make computing education accessible all over the world. Between 2012 and 2014 I led EUCLID, a European effort to develop a curriculum for professional training on the fundamentals of linked data, which is the technology underlying knowledge graphs. You can find the textbook on iTunes and the related online modules on vimeo.

Until 2017 I was also the technical lead of theΒ European Data Science Academy, which analysed supply and demand of data science skills. At Southampton I was the Director of theΒ Southampton Data Science Academy, which offers professional training in digital transformation technologies such as AI and data science. More recently, I’ve been contributing to Data Market Services, a European funded initiative that supports small and medium businesses in upskilling their staff.